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The Veterans Freedom Retreat is a free, week-long retreat for veterans and their partners where you will begin your journey to being free from the stress of past traumas. It also includes free follow-up counseling. The retreat employs a holistic approach that treats body, mind, heart, and soul.


Our retreats take place at, Camp Chaparral, located in the beautiful town known as Wichita Falls, Texas.

Participants will stay in rooms in the camp with any accommodations you need.


Each participant room is decorated and furnished for all of your needs for a week-long stay.

You will be surrounded by the beauty of Texas and closer to nature.

On the first day, we introduce ourselves and lay out the week's itinerary. We make sure all participants are comfortable and happy with their accommodations and understand what they're here for. 

We provide all of the the schedules and go over the rules, goals, and values of VFR

Throughout the week, all participants will be required to attend their different classes and sessions to aid them in their journey of learning how to deal with and become free of their PTS.


While the educational sessions are incredibly important, we try to ensure we value fun activities which there are an abundance of!

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