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We're With You Every Step of the Way

There is a tremendous need for services to help those who suffer from the invisible wounds of war, and those impacted by it.

•Partners have secondary – or vicarious - trauma from living with the veteran.

•If the partners are not treated, the veteran returns to a toxic environment and a lot of their healing becomes negated. This negatively impacts the effectiveness of the healing that the veteran received.

•Treating the partner helps the veteran couple support each other during and after the retreat; thus increasing the effectiveness of the healing received.

•To date VFR has held ten retreats with an average of 59% reduction of PTSS symptoms, prevented nine suicides, and renewed 15 wedding vows. This has significantly improved the lives of many families.

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Submit your contact information and reach out of you have any questions!


Download and complete the Retreat Participant Registration Form. You can then mail it to the address listed on the form or email it to us at


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After we receive your registration form, we’ll send you a packet with more details.


Phone Interview

After we receive your complete packet, one of our recruiters will contact you with more info about the retreat and how it can help you.


Attend the Retreat

The next opening may be several months away. Don’t let the wait change your mind. Attend the retreat.


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