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PTS and the Veterans Freedom Retreat

The Veterans Freedom Retreat works to provide veterans and their partners the tools and knowledge to fight PTS. PTS can affect all aspects of life, making it difficult to manage and cultivate the life you want to live. 

The numbers are staggering . . .

  • Nine percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans report PTSD symptoms immediately upon returning. Thirty-one percent of additional vets report symptoms a year after deployment.

  • Vietnam veterans report lifetime rates of PTSD ranging from 10% to 31%.

  • These numbers don’t include those who never report their symptoms.

  • Half of those who report symptoms never receive treatment. And of those who seek help, only half receive “minimally adequate” treatment.

  • Approximately eight million people are diagnosed with PTSD in any given year.

  • There are 123,000 veterans in Tarrant County, Texas.

  • As many as 50%-60% of civilians experience traumatic events during their lives. Ten percent of those will develop PTSD.

What do all these numbers mean?

  • They mean you are not alone. Other veterans have been where you are.

  • This is why Veterans Freedom Retreat is here to help you.

  • The Veterans Freedom Retreat reduces PTSD through experiential education, counseling, and alternative modalities which treat body, mind heart, and soul.

From the perspective of a Veteran

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